How We Operate

We respond immediately to today’s business challenges through innovative consulting services.

We work closely with our clients assisting them to build unique skills in order to achieve business sustainability, profitability and a unique competitive advantage.

Our unique relationships with our clients are based on trust, honesty and on the multi-faceted scientific experience.

Our team of consultants aims for integrated business approach of Branding focusing on both short and long-term business solutions, for the greatest overall customer return.

Our clients’ success and testimonies reveal our scientific capabilities to offer viable business solutions.

Typical Consulting Approach

1st Stage: 
Management and Marketing Audit

2nd Stage:
Domestic and international market research based on secondary sources and information

3rd Stage:

4rth Stage:
Strategic Planning Branding/Corporate Identity

5th Stage:
Creation of Branding strategy, identification of optimal Marketing MIX, development of a minimum of 4-year plan of activity. Financial evaluation of the program

6th Stage:
Restructuring of Marketing Mechanisms

7th Stage:
Preparation of alternative plans

8th Stage:
Supervision, Editing and Training